Shabreya O'ne Vample,

a bit about me:

My name is Shabreya O'ne Vample, and I am currently a  graduating senior at Winston-Salem State University. Reflecting on my  years at WSSU, I know that self-motivation, endurance, and optimism were the keys to my success. As a result, I became a Dean’s List student and started to seek new opportunities to help me prepare myself for medical school. In the fall semester of my sophomore year, Dr. David Kump granted me the opportunity to conduct research with him, after observing my meticulous manner in the lab. This exposed me to biomedical bench research. Doing summer biomedical programs such as SMDEP, ECU Future Doctors, and attending ABRCMS, I fully understand the translational importance of biomedical research, which can only help in making me a better-rounded physician, insuring my patient’s health. As a health care professional with biomedical research experience, I can be a positive influence for change in my community by addressing health disparities that will help improve minority health. I will work to increase diversity in the health care field by mentoring young men and women from underrepresented populations who show an interests in the medical field.

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